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21st-Nov-2009 11:05 pm - Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Hana
Konnichiwa mina-san!!
I've created a new forum called Kawaii Kitten!
Please visit at http://www.kawaiikitten.forumotion.com
We really need new members and you'd be a great help! :)
14th-Nov-2009 10:28 pm - Mary and her Lamb
I found this Kawaii icon of a lamb and thought of Mary and Her Lamb,
the one in Japan of course.
So I thought maybe I should sing it..

*Clears Throat*
"Meri-san no Hitsuji, Hitsuji, Hitsuji
Meri-san no Hitsuji Kawaii, ne?"

I'm a great singer, aren't I? ^_^

Well, it doesn't beat the Ikura song but it'll do.
14th-Nov-2009 11:29 am - Hajimemashite!
Aisu Kurimu
Konnichiwa mina-san! Hajimemashite!
Watashi wa Yoake desu soshite juuroku sai desu!
This is my first post, I'm really here for the community
but posting journals is awesome too ^_^
as of now, i love Hizumi so if you can't tell..
sometimes i wonder if Karyu is out to get him...
if you notice, Karyu has almost hit him in the head (or succeeded)
a few times.... o.O?? really makes you wonder.
Love them all anyway!!! and if i didn't like Hizumi so much..
I'd be so in love with Zero!!
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